September 16, our daughter’s birthday

名前 / 瀬田 哲司
タイプ / メダル
サイズ / 105×120×17mm
材質 / ベリリウム銅

Testuji Seta

September 16, our daughter’s birthday

RCA Japan,The 3rd equestrian event meeting October 13, AZARIA October 14, GORO

5th November 2012 Since it is getting cold, my shoulder is becoming painful

25 MAY 2012 17:00 The Medal Complex 2012 Opening reception

Un exposition de NUA dans Tisanu infusion

JST 21:40:21, May 30, 2011[I received e-mail from Teylers Museum]/ Rainy morning, May31, 2011 [I found the goldfish in the garden dead]

July 19, 2011: Typhoon No.6 /Gardenia jasminoides

September 29.2011 /Cayratia japonica[It had spread on the wall]

Medal Work in NUA October 8 to December 3 / Workshop with 7 students, 2011