Japan art medal association is run by artists, manufacturers, educational institutions, and collectors. Our aim is to foster and preserve artistic appreciation by society.

Our main endeavors are domestic exhibition (every other year) of creative medal sculpture and passionate submission and participation within the international exhibitions sponsored by the International Art Medal Federation (F.I.D.E.M).

First established in 1968, we have gone through many changes and conquered diverse challenges over the years, making us the vibrant association we are today. Our goal is to maintain this unique expression of Japanese art medal for future generations and medal exhibitions.

We continue to support Japanese artists, promote our industry’s culture and establish networks between manufacturers. Our objectives is to encourage the creation of “medals which are useful in the world,” “medals which are memorable to people,” and “medals which move emotionally.” for art lovers around the world.

For the last 45 years, we have had the unique opportunity to serve a passionate medal art community in our country.
And will continue to act as a catalyst for Japanese medal art world audiences, artists, curators, and collectors- helping them grow and thrive into the future.

Japan art medal association  - JAMA -